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End Supply Chain Friction By Changing This One Thing About Your Quality Control Process...

One of the biggest issues in the fiber optic industry is supply chain friction. Manufacturers send their connectors to cable assembly houses, which are then installed in data centers and other locations where they will be re-inspected many times throughout their lifespan. Parts are often returned to manufacturers, because of permanent failures during a customer’s inspection.

Supply chain friction that arises from faulty or returned product occurs for a variety of reasons:

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AVIT-DT Interchangeable Fixtures Inspect & Clean a Wide Variety of Fiber Optic Connector Types

At FiberQA, we strive to strike a balance between standardization and customization, offering both off-the-shelf fixtures and full customization. Our software even comes pre-loaded with IEC specifications, while giving operators the freedom to adjust each setting to meet the more or less stringent needs of their own standards. 
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Study by Lockheed, Cinch, and FiberQA to be Presented during AVFOP 2017

Have any plans 7-9 of November? The FiberQA team will be heading to New Orleans for the Avionics and Vehicle Fiber-Optics And Photonics Conference. Join us in the Big Easy, where we will be presenting a paper based on the critical study, "Measuring Fiber End Face Inspection Microscope Reproducibility using Chrome on Glass Artifacts," written by Charles DiSaverio (Lockheed), Chris J. Wilson (Cinch), and Doug Wilson (FiberQA). Join us on November 9, at 11:30 AM for the presentation. Can't make it to AVFOP this year? That's OK, you'll be able to read a brief overview and download the paper once it has been presented. Check out the full session schedule online for more info.

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Fiber Inspection Demos Given at ECOC 2017 in Gothenburg Sweden

From our sales team at FiberQA, we want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth last week at ECOC. Every show we attend is unique, and ECOC is no different. This year's show was held in Gothenburg, Sweden and boasted nearly 6,000 visitors and delegates from 24 countries around the world. 

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ECOC: Meet Us in Sweden!

We are heading across the pond next week (18-20 September) for ECOC, one of the largest fiber optic conferences in the world. Truth be told though, going to Sweden isn't the only thing that has us excited at FiberQA...for the first time ever, we will be giving LIVE demonstrations on our brand new AVIT-BP system! 

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NEW PRODUCTS: AVIT-BP and AVIT-RH are industry's FIRST automated fiberscope probes with integrated fiber optic endface cleaning

FiberQA is proud to announce the launch of both our AVIT-BP (for backplane, below) and AVIT-RH (for remote head, right) automated probe-style fiberscopes. The newest models to come out of the AVIT product line are about to change the fiber optic connector inspection game.
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FiberQA signs new distributor KABEX to expand reach in Southeast Asia market

As the fiber optic industry continues to expand at a rapid rate, FiberQA is constantly seeking out new distributors to represent our products in different regions around the world. Those relationships are the key to building a bridge between new customers and our automated fiber optic test equipment.

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FiberQA Partners with Bodkin Design on New Camera for NEW Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning System

FiberQA worked with Bodkin Design to develop a camera sub-assembly for a new probe-style automated inspection system, the AVIT-rh, which is currently in pre-production. The AVIT-rh is a fully-automated inspection and cleaning probe that can access hard to reach installed fiber optic connectors in aircraft and shipboard applications. To read more about this collaboration, check out the press release from Bodkin Design

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3 Reasons Why Fiber Optic Cleaning is Critical

3 Reasons Why Fiber-Optic Cleanliness is Critical

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Looking at key benefits of the FastMT fiberscope and a discussion on automated vs. manual optical inspection

Our North American distributor, Fiber Optic Center, wrote an excellent blog recently about the comparison of manual fiber scopes vs. automated fiber scopes. In FOC author Chris Rollinson's words, "'automation' is the holy grail of the fiber optic industry." Chris goes on to explain how FiberQA's FastMT fiber scope can improve upon the quality control process during inspection of fiber optic cable connectors in cable assembly houses.

At FiberQA, we make automation our businees. We believe that manual fiber scopes are the past, while fast, reliable, automated fiber scopes are the future.

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