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ECOC: Meet Us in Sweden!

Posted by Rachael Cates on Sep 13, 2017 2:12:11 PM

We are heading across the pond next week (18-20 September) for ECOC, one of the largest fiber optic conferences in the world. Truth be told though, going to Sweden isn't the only thing that has us excited at FiberQA...for the first time ever, we will be giving LIVE demonstrations on our brand new AVIT-BP system! 


Give your hand a rest from all of the handheld probes at the show and be one of the very FIRST people to demo this revolutionary probe-style, portable fiber scope. We strive to have our systems be "set it and forget it", saving operators from job-related injuries and stress, while providing objective, reliable test results. In keeping with the hands-free theme, we have integrated cleaning into even our smallest portable systems to be the only TRULY fully automated fiber scopes on the market. No more tired, cramped hands from holding cumbersome probes and cleaner sticks for hours on end! Complete a day's worth of work in less than an hour, at a fraction of the labor cost, with all of the documented test results you need for QA! 

We will also have two FastMT systems on hand for demonstrations with easily interchangeable fixtures for inspecting connectors such as MT, MPO, LC, SC, and more. We will provide demos on how to inspect transceiver modules, such as QSFP and CPAK (without breaching the bulkhead), and wow you with lightning fast speeds (without any scrolling)! 

Call or email our sales team to set up a meeting or arrange for a private demonstration. See you soon!


Can't make it to ECOC this year? That's OK! Meet with our experts at one of our next events:

 AVFOP 7-9 November 2017 (New Orleans)

 OFC Booth #2422 13-15 March (San Diego)



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