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Automatically Inspect + Clean Optical Blind Mate Connectors (Vita 66.1)

Due to its size and automated processing, AVIT-BP eliminates issues caused by traditional probe-style fiberscopes, such as: poor stability, poor focus, and risk of part handling damage.

The AVIT-BP slides securely into each open slot, allowing the x-motion range to switch between side-by-side ferrules within the connector. Y-motion range provides flexibility for all Vita 66.1 configurations.

The AVIT-BP also boasts fully automated cleaningproviding up to 600 first pass cleans per cartridge. The cleaning process has been integrated into the inspection system itself, reducing the risk of damage to the optics from multiple insertions during an inspect-clean cycle using manual or traditional probes. 

AVIT-BP utilizes the same automated pass/fail software as all of the other AVIT models, making the platform easily adoptable within an entire supply chain, from manufacturing down to installers and in-field maintenance technicians.

All AVIT™ models are protected under US Patent.

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What does AVIT mean?

AVIT is an acronym that stands for Automated Visual Inspection Tool…the name stuck!

If a ferrule fails, do I have to remove it to clean it?

No, the cleaning process is fully integrated into the system, using our disposable FastCLEAN cartridges. Our systems limit damage caused by frequent part handling by doing this.

Do I have to initiate and stop the cleaning process myself? How do I determine this?

The FastCLEAN is cartridge is fully automated and uses a pre-determined amount of length that moves over the fiber end face.

What if the ferrule fails again after it has already been cleaned?

Some defects are stubborn contaminants; others are permanent pits, chips, cracks, or scratches, which will not be eliminated by simply cleaning. You are able to set the number of inspect/clean cycles before it is deemed an ultimate fail and requires re-polishing.