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Automatically Inspect + Clean Optical Blind Mate Connectors on a Backplane That is Installed Within a Chassis.

AVIT-CH (Chassis AVIT) is a fully automated system with integrated cleaning, removing human subjectivity from the entire inspect-clean cycle.

Incorporating an AVIT-CH into your quality control process. AVIT-CH operates passively without any interaction, freeing operators to complete other critical tasks. Working with an AVIT-CH requires far less training and active operation than technicians who use a manual probe, significantly lowering labor costs while providing more consistent and objective test results.  

AVIT-CH will PASS or FAIL a part using strict, enforceable criteria wthat meets or exceeds IEC standards. Throughput is higher than alternative or traditional fiber probes and manual cleaners. If a ferrule fails, the AVIT-CH will automatically clean and re-inspect without having to remove the part(s), eliminating the risk of damage to the optics through multiple re-insertions. Users can set the number of inspect-clean cycles before the part is considered a failure.

AVIT-CH fits inside the unit to be tested, at the location where it is mounted, even in the most restrictive spacesThe AVIT-CH can be adapted to a wide range of chassis sizes and types, so we will custom engineer the fiber scope to meet your specific needs and arrangements.

Supply chain friction occurs when using manual or less reliable fiber scopes as a result of inaccurate testing and insufficient records. Therefore, AVIT software archives all test data and a single page, easy-to-read report can be printed for part certification.

These operator-independent AVIT-CH systems provide mission-critical quality control at the press of a button, and have the proof to back up the results. 

All AVIT™ models are protected under US Patent.

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What does AVIT mean?

AVIT is an acronym that stands for Automated Visual Inspection Tool…the name stuck!

If a ferrule fails, do I have to remove it to clean it?

No, the cleaning process is fully integrated into the system, using our disposable FastCLEAN cartridges. Our systems limit damage caused by frequent part handling by doing this.

Do I have to initiate and stop the cleaning process myself? How do I determine this?

The FastCLEAN is cartridge is fully automated and uses a pre-determined amount of length that moves over the fiber end face.

What if the ferrule fails again after it has already been cleaned?

Some defects are stubborn contaminants; others are permanent pits, chips, cracks, or scratches, which will not be eliminated by simply cleaning. You are able to set the number of inspect/clean cycles before it is deemed an ultimate fail and requires re-polishing.