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Study of the Loss Due to Applied Contamination on PRIZM‑MT MXC Expanded Beam Lenses Presentation English 12 March 2018
Experiment of Measure Effects of Image Focus on Defect Detection and Measurement  Presentation English March 2015
Effects of Video Noise on Defect Detection Repeatability Presentation English March 2015
Automated HDRI Solves Challenges of Detecting Defects in Highly Reflective Fibers Presentation English November 2014
Automated Inspection with Large Field of View, High Dynamic Range, and Occluded Area Metrics Presentation English September 2014
Measuring Repeatability and Reproducibility of End Face Inspection Systems Study English March 2014
Controlled Contrast Test Target for MT Inspection Systems Presentation English March 2013
FastMT Brochure (Single Ferrule Endface Inspection Fiberscope) Brochure English 2017
FastMT Data & Spec Sheet Brochure English 2017
FastMT Models  Brochure English 2017
AVIT-2020 Board Level Multi Ferrule Endface Inspection & Cleaning Product Info Brochure English 2017
AVIT-DT Brochure (Desktop Multi Ferrule Endface Inspect & Clean) Brochure English 2017
AVIT-BP Brochure (Multi Ferrule Probe for Vita 66.1 Card Slot Inspect & Clean) Brochure English 2017
AVIT-RH Brochure (Multi Ferrule Probe for Mil-Circular Connector Inspect & Clean) Brochure English 2017
AVIT-CH Brochure (Portable Multi Ferrule Fiberscope for Chassis Inspect & Clean) Brochure English 2017
AVIT Product Family Software Info Brochure English 2017