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FastMT Desktop Fiber Scope

FastMT is the fastest automated fiber scope on the market. 

Guarantee the integrity of your end faces using a single, automated inspection process with simple, printable reporting. 

No manual focusing. No manual adjusting. NO. MORE. SCROLLING. 


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Higher Throughput, Lower Labor Costs

AVITs have inspected hundreds of millions of fibers for more than a decade. We have helped fiber optic cable manufacturers around the world streamline their quality assurance process with a single, automated inspection & cleaning system--yes, cleaning is integrated! 

Inspection windows range from 5"x5" on our desktop model AVIT-dt to 20"x20" on our AVIT-2020 model. Customizable fixtures can have any configuration and any number of ferrules that will fit in the area.

The sky is the limit for your AVIT!

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Upcoming Events

  • 18-20 September, 2017

    ECOC in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • 7-9 November, 2017

    AVFOP-IEEE in New Orleans, LA USA

  • 13-15 March 2018

    OFC in San Diego, CA USA

Fibers Inspected
Seconds to Inspect MT-12
Seconds to Inspect MT-72
Ferrules Inspected in 15 Minutes