Higher Throughput = Lower Labor Costs

The AVIT-DT utilizes a system of robotics and automated software to inspect and clean dozens of ferrules in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days. While the AVIT-DT is big enough to take polishing plates, multiple mil-circular connectors, or dozens of MPO ferrules, it is still compact enough to fit on a workstation with ease!

Inspect individual ferrules or different sized Mil-Aero shell connectors at the same time. We can customize a fixture for your specific needs.


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iNEMI Study: Expanded Beam Cleanliness Spec Development

FiberQA participated in this important study that includes 10+ years of iNEMI research on the impact of contamination on fiber optic connector performance provides a quantitative approach to developing the first-ever industry cleanliness specification for expanded beam connectors.

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Fibers Inspected
Seconds to Inspect MT-12
Seconds to Inspect MT-72
Ferrules Inspected in 15 Minutes